Fan Gallery

Below you can view pictures of various (combinations of) Plantiac bottles, or selfies with Plantiac :-)
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Stefan "Digital Insanity" Posthuma programming. Utrecht, the Netherlands, May 1989.

Stefan Posthuma behind his place in Oss, the Netherlands, January 1990. after it had snowed a little. The bottle of Plantiac is keeping him warm.


Tim "Manikin" Moss and Dave "Spaz" Moss, G├╝tersloh, Germany, July 1990.


Eloy "Apache" Wouters, Voorburg, the Netherlands, June 1991.

Kai Holst and Leif Einar Claus, Utrecht, the Netherlands, December 1993.


During the "ST NEWS International Christmas Coding Convention 2000" all attendants got a 40 cc miniature upon leaving. Here are a few of them (rather old, even at the time) with some contemporary 1L bottles. Sassenheim, the Netherlands, December 2000.


Utrecht, the Netherlands, December 2002.


Three generations of Plantiac miniatures, probably in chronological order. The left one is 50 cc, the others 40 cc. The bottle shape is different for all of them. Gouda, the Netherlands, June 2012.


Gouda, the Netherlands, November 2015.


Phil "Grazey" Graham, Hull, England, December 2015.

Maarten "ST Graveyard" Martens, Belgium, December 2015.

A nice set. Utrecht, the Netherlands, May 2016.

Two bottles, left end 1960s/early 1970s, right end 1970s. Utrecht, the Netherlands, June 2016.