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The below pictures originated from the 1921 photo shoot made in honour of Klaas Pieter Plantinga's 75th birthday. These were kindly provided by Gerrit Herman Plantinga (b. 1929, great-grandson of Klaas Plantinga).
The first, second, third and fifth picture are from the Dijkstraat 7 address; the others might be from Dijkstraat 7, Grootzand 6 or 't Laag 42-44.


1: The interior of the shop. The barrels built into the wall were part of the pre-1870 inventory and were explicitly mentioned in the sales agreement.


2: The office behind the shop. You can see the wall of the first picture on the right, through the glass.


3:The 'small office' ('kleine kantoor') on a half-floor between the working- and living-quarters, for use by management.


4: Part of the so-called 'packaging room' ('pakkamer') for the wholesale section.


5: The wine cellar.


6: The production floor, left aisle. Do note the fruit press, in the back in the middle.


7: The production floor, right aisle.


8: This is where distilled liquid was boiled.


9: Distillery kettle number One (left) and cooling vat (right).


11: One of the three storage locations for the barrels ('fusten').


12: Another barrel storage location.


13: And another picture.


14: And another. Note the many jugs in front of the barrels on the floor (such as can be seen in the "Products" > "Other Products").