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Homes and Graves


The Dijkstraat and Stoombootkade premises were also used as residences. This gallery contains pictures of homes that are not shown elsewhere on this site.


The house in Huizum (near Leeuwarden) where Klaas Plantinga's grandfather (Klaas Jans Plantinga) and his wife (Binke Hessels) used to live. The street is called "Dorp" (English "village"). The house is on the right, to the front. A picture postcard from 1905. This village is near Leeuwarden and used to be a thriving center of planting/gardening/horticultural activity. The name "Plantinga" is derived from this occupation.

The same street, picture taken further back. The Plantinga house should be the third on the right after the bridge (barely visible). A picture postcard from 1905.


Here, in this picture from the 1960s, the house is the second house on the left.

The house in less glorious times, just prior to the 70s renovation.

The house in modern times, after having been refurbished in the 1970s. The original Plantinga house is here seen split into two seperate residences. This picture was taken in 2010. These days, Huizum is no separate village, rather a neighbourhood of Leeuwarden. The street is now called "Huizum Dorp".

Click here for the Google Streetview.

The house where Klaas Pieter Plantinga lived with his mother and stepfather, at the Noordvliet in Leeuwarden. Their house is the sixth house from the left, behind the ship's mast. Klaas' stepfather was called Popke van der Sluis van den Bosch and he was a book printer and paper salesman who worked from this house. It no longer exists, having long ago been replaced by newer houses.

This is the house at Secretaris Haitsmalaan 2 where Louwrens Baltus Plantinga and his wife moved in, just after it had been built, in 1949.

The house at Secretaris Haitsmalaan 1 in March 2012. The bust in the front is not of Klaas Plantinga, rather of Titus Brandsma (born 1881 near Bolsward, educator and resistance fighter, died in Dachau in 1942).

Click here for the Google Streetview.

Again the same house, photographed from higher up. Year unknown.


Pieter Klazes Plantinga's (Klaas Pieter's father, 1793-1862) grave, located at the Dutch Reformed Church in Huizum.


Pictures from the Plantinga family grave at Bolsward cemetery, January 2012.

Thanks to Johan van der Weide and Bastiaan Plantinga for the pictures.