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The Plantingas

Klaas Pieter Plantinga (2 July 1846 - 17 July 1922), founder of the Plantinga Distillery. Picture from around 1900-1910.


Picture from the collection of Openbare Basisschool Kerkstraat (Public Primary School), showing two of KP's sons at a very tender age. The year: 1884-1885.

1 Willem Groenier
2 Dirk Pekema
3 Gerrit Herman (Herman) Plantinga (1876-1962, who would have been about 8)
4 Lucas Kingma
5 Sjoerd Faber
6 Hette Laagland
7 Bauke Falkena
8 Heere van Wijk
9 Christiaan Nolle
10 S. de Wolf
11 I. de Wolf
12 Sj. Faber
13 Gerrit Falkena
14 Jacob Laagland
15 Jan Auke (Jan) Plantinga (1879-1896, who would have been about 6)
16 Engbertus Pekema
17 Anthon Voss
18 Simon Groenier

Pieter Plantinga, Klaas Pieter Plantinga's eldest son, on a passport picture when he emigrated to the United States.

Picture of the first "Elfstedentocht per Fiets" commission - the group of people that organised the Eleven-Cities-Trip by bike in 1912. This is an annual event that takes place on the Monday after Pentecost, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012. Klaas Plantinga can be seen (with cap and glasses) in the front row in the middle, with his wife Ytje (1851-1922) to the left of him. Also in the front row, Jetske Dijkstra (KP's daughter in law, 1876-1958) can be seen at the far right, with her husband (KP's son) Gerrit-Herman (1876-1962) to her left.

Ms Gosselinga from Bolsward is the first female contestant to cross the finish line in Leeuwarden in 1912. The man next to her front wheel is Klaas Plantinga.


Klaas and Ytje Plantinga in 1920, at the 50th anniversary of the company. Picture from Nieuwsblad van het Noorden, 13 May 1971.

Plantinga family tree, made on the occasion of Klaas and Ytje's 50th wedding anniversary on January 15th 1921. The "Louw" at the bottom of the lower right branch is Louwrens Baltus Plantinga.

Plantinga Distillery production personnel posing in the enclosed garden.
Left to right standing: K. Kingma, Y. Adema, R. Teerenstra, C. Kramer, A. Adema, U. Wassenaar, W. Vallinga.

Left to right sitting down: A. de Jong, Mrs Schuurmans-v.d. Schaaf, F. Hoogma, Ms A. v.d. Klei.

This picture originated from the 1921 photo shoot made in honour of Klaas Pieter Plantinga's 75th birthday. This birthday coincided with the company's 50th Anniversary in the wine trade. These were kindly provided by Gerrit Herman Plantinga (b. 1929, grandson of Klaas Plantinga).

Sicco Jacobus Tönnis Plantinga (1881-1934). From 1910, Sicco and Gerrit Herman (below) run the company.

Gerrit Herman Plantinga (1876-1962).


Louwrens Baltus Plantinga (1902-1993). A son of Gerrit Herman and Jetske (therefore grandson of KP), he joined the company in 1920. This picture was probably taken around that time.

The Plantinga family (probably with some personnel) on 14 July 1946, posing to celebrate the company's delayed 75th anniversary. In the front, on the grass, are Gerrit Herman Plantinga (b. 1929) and Elisabeth Jettie Plantinga (b. 1932). Sitting behind them, from left to right, are Maria Leverland (1879-1967, the widow of Sicco Plantinga), Gerrit Herman Plantinga (1876-1962) and his wife Jetske Dijkstra (1876-1958), Louwrens Baltus Plantinga (1902-1993) and his wife Lolkje van der Zee (1902-1993). Other people are unknown.

Louwrens Baltus in the door opening of Dijkstraat 7, posing with a member of his personnel. From 1941, Louwrens had become ever more important in the company. It's his signature that ended up on most bottle labels (including that of Plantiac).

Gerrit Herman Plantinga (b. 1929), son of Louwrens Baltus (above) and Lolkje van der Zee (1902-1993). He is the man who thought up the name "Plantiac". Picture from the 1950s. He was never actually involved in the Plantinga company, however.

Gerrit Herman Plantinga (b. 1929) at Philips Natlab, where he and his co-workers thought up the name "Plantiac". Another picture from the 1950s.

Louwrens Baltus Plantinga in (or probably not much before) 1970. Scan from a 1970 newspaper clipping.

The re-opening ceremony of the visitor centre at the Stoombootkade address, on 21 October 1992. Left "Commissaris van de Koningin" for Friesland, Hans Wiegel. Right Louwrens Baltus, who was 90 at the time. The bar in the new visitor centre was based on the design of Café Dijkstra in Jorwerd.

Thanks to Peter Mulder and Bastiaan Plantinga who supplied some of the above scans.