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Price Lists ("Prijscouranten")

When I got permission to literally ransack the Sonnema distillery visitors' centre for anything still Plantinga-related, I discovered a tin with about 25 so-called "Prijscouranten", price list booklets that used to be handed out to other companies Plantinga did business with. Below you will see some scans from these booklets. The 1913 and 1927 ones were real booklets, the others were folded leaflets. Later I also got some scans sent by others.

An even earlier price list, basically a folder, with the 1880-1890 prices. Back and front.


Handwritten piece of paper describing the contents of the tin found in the visitors centre. This might be Louwrens Baltus Plantinga's handwriting. He was the man whose signature is on most Plantinga products.


The insides, outside and all pages of the 1913 price list, the oldest one present in the visitors centre tin.


One side of the special "price increase" leaflet, addendum to the October 1917 price list. Front and back.


Another "price increase" leaflet, addendum to the 1 April 1918 price list.


The 1 May 1918 price list.


July 1919.

Of all the price lists present in the tin, the 1917-1922 ones were leaflets, the 1913 one a booklet with paper quality the same on all pages. One last price list included was the 1927 one, which was the only with a thicker outside paper quality.


Note the first documented occurrence of Plantinga's Cognac, possibly early Plantiac, in January 1940!

Thanks to Peter Mulder for some of these scans.