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Various other Pictures

In this gallery you will see a variety of pictures that have something to do with Plantinga but that don't really fit on any of the other pages.


A crate with distillation glassware and various reference booklets, as found and photographed in the Sonnema (previously Sonnema/Plantinga) distillery. Might have been from the Plantinga side of things, or perhaps Sonnema. There were no distinguishing marks.

Small wooden Plantinga crate.

A groin-high label cupboard seen and photographed in the Sonnema (previously Sommema/Plantinga) distillery. Definitely also from the Plantinga side of things. Second drawer from the top: Left and right Plantinga Dubbel Gebeide Jonge Jenever (Doubly Abided Young Gin); third drawer from the top something unknown (to me) from Sonnema; fourth drawer from the top left Plantinga Beerenburg, right something unknown (probably "Dubbel Gebeide Jenever from some or other brand); fifth drawer from the top left Plantiac bottle neck star labels, right unknown; sixth drawer from the top left Plantinga Citroen Jenever (Lemon Gin), right some sort of bottle neck label; seventh drawer from the top left and right Sonnema Citroen Jenever (Lemon Gin); eighth drawer from the top left Plantinga Advocaat (Eggnog), right something Plantiac-related; all lower drawers something Plantiac-related.

From 7 to 12 July 1930, sports terrain Het Oordje (near the Stoombootkade) hosted the NEBAT (Nederlandsche Bakkerij Tentoonstelling - "Dutch Baker's Show"). The Plantinga company had a booth there in the same Art Deco style prevalent in their advertising and bottle labels design.

A 10 litre jug, 42 centimetres high.


A jug, found in the former Plantinga distillery at Grootzand 6. It is the largest content size found so far, well over 10 litres. Picture made possible by the van der Weide family.


A rather lovely numbered jug, including logo.

Plantinga basket.

Plantinga basket bottle.

Another type of Plantinga basket bottle. Content is 20 litres.

Another type of basket bottle.


This one is full of Plantiac. The previous owner said it was from the 1990s, however it may very likely be older.

Plantinga "Plantiac" stamp.


In 1924, the company bought a car, a Ford, to allow for more clients to be reached. The licence plate was B-7443, registered on 31 March of that year. During the weekends, the car was used privately.

If you bought six bottles of Plantiac in one go, this is the box in which they were packaged (Yule tide 2002).

In December 2015 you'd get six bottles in this box. Only the barcode is different.


The box containing 12 200 cc bottles looks rather Spartan. This one is also from December 2015. The production code, which is a regular feature on the caps of all bottles since 1991 (and probably earlier) is written large on the box here.

Since 2004 (when Plantiac production at Boomsma started), decoding works as follows:


L = Alway an "L", indicating that this is a grocery item
YY = The last two digits of the year
BBBB = Batch number
DDD = Xth day of the year
HH:MM = Production time

So the bottles in this box were bottled on the 72nd day (14 March) of 2015, at 13:45.

This is what it looks like when you purchase 24 1000 cc and over 100 200 cc bottles.

Thanks to Bastiaan Plantinga for most of these pictures.