Beerenburg Promo Material

Around 1970 Plantinga worked together with the Dutch cartoonist Alfred Mazure (1914-1974) for promotion of their 34 Beerenburg. His spiritual child Dick Bos (a private investigator that fights crime harshly but fairly) had an image fitting with this drink. Dick Bos appeared in adverts and even on a door-sized poster (70 x 151,5 cm) on which the entire "De Lasso" story was printed. At the time, 2000 copies of this poster were printed.


And another poster featuring Dick Bos. Size: 115 x 80 cm.


Six different versions of adverts using Dick Bos were made. Every week a different one was published, starting 8 March 1975. They were published in Elsevier Magazine (and maybe elsewhere) and can be seen in the right order here. Thanks to Ton Meijering ( and Marijke Brouwer (Elsevier) for the scans.


Advertisement promoting discount on a burlap bag available with the purchase of a bottle of Friesche Beerenburg. From 1977. Scan provided by Bastiaan Plantinga.


'Cosmos' glass design and actual version made in honour of the re-introduction of Beerenburg in 2009. Content is 35 cc. Pictures by Johan van der Weide.


Front and back of the Boalsert KP Beerenburg people's business card.