Plantinga Beerenburg Advertisements

Advertisement for Plantiac or Berry Gin can be found on the pages of those products. Advertisements that coincided with certain promotional activities can be found on the "Promotional Material" page.

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A 1954 Beerenburg advert.

Plantinga 34 Beerenburg advert from 1974/1975. Picture from


Boeren Beerenburg advert from 1982. Scan by Bastiaan Plantinga.


Another one, now from 1983. Scan by Bastiaan Plantinga.


And another one, this time flanked by, from left to right, Plantinga Bessenjenever, Plantinga Kersenbrandewijn, Plantiac and Plantinga Jonge Jenever. From 1985. Scan provided by Bastiaan Plantinga.