Plantinga Bessen Jenever / Friesch Rood Labels & Bottles

Label from around 1960. Scan by Peter Mulder.


A (quite rare?) 100 cc bottle, probably from 1993.


Old (to the left, possibly 1990's or before) and young (to the right, 2012) one litre bottles.


Although you wouldn't know it from the way the old bottle looks when it is full, the glass is green as opposed to the clear transparent glass of the young one.


A full 1 litre bottle, 2012.


Pre-2004 label from up close.


Front label scan from a post-2004 bottle. Note the difference of typographic position of the two O's in "ROOD". Also, the gold-coloured embossing, particularly around the "Plantinga" logo, is less pronounced. The rear label mentions that it has been made in Leeuwarden since 2004 (at Boomsma) and the text is quite different from earlier. And a different barcode, of course. Scans made possible by Boomsma.