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Plantiac is a particularly soothing brand of Dutch brandy (in Dutch called "Vieux") which, although unfortunately not exactly crafted according to near-natural principles, awards the enthusiastic sipper with a smooth feeling in the throat, a pleasant feeling in the head, a warm feeling in the gullet and stomach, and no hangover to boot! Also known as 'The Divine Fluid', it has been known to make its way onto more than one (especially Dutch) Atari computer coding convention. A few people really learned to like this thanks to ST NEWS, and quite a few bottles have been exported - to great joy and general shoutings of "yeah!" - to countries the likes of Norway, Canada, Germany, France and England. To get to the bottom of the process which is used to make this Fluid, the "Plantiac Pilgrimages" were undertaken, of which faithful reports can be found on this site as well.

After we had tested - literally - just about any conceivable brand of 'vieux', Harmen Posthuma (father of ST NEWS co-conspirator and best friend Stefan) suggested we try Plantiac. We'd never heard of it before, but were hooked instantly. It was not commonly available in all the shops, which is probably why we hadn't discovered it yet. That was around mid 1988. Stefan moved to Canada later, and he confesses it's the thing he misses most about Holland.

Because of the status Plantiac acquired in the scene of people we mingled in, it was high time for some kind of tribute to The Divine Fluid, which is exactly the reason why this site was started in June of 1998.



What?! - What is Plantiac and how did it all begin?

Historical Awareness - Pictures related to Plantinga history

Labels & Bottles - Pictures of various Plantiac labels and bottles

Plantinga-Related Products - Information and pictures relating to other Plantinga products

Promotional Materials - Pictures of Plantinga-related promotional items

Plantiac Advertisements - Scans of Plantiac advertisements

Plantinga Stationery - Scans of Plantinga Stationery

Various Other Pictures - Pictures of Plantinga-related things that fitted nowhere else

Recipes - Recipes that include Vieux as an ingredient

Plantiac Pilgrimage #1 - Report of the first Plantiac Pilgrimage (Bolsward, June 1991)

Plantiac Pilgrimage #2 - Report of the second Plantiac Pilgrimage (Schiedam, November 1991)

Plantiac Pilgrimage #3 - Report of the third Plantiac Pilgrimage (Bolsward, February 2012)

Streetview Links - Links to Google Streetview points of Plantinga-related interest

News - What's new on the site?

Disclaimer - Before you start to Rant, Curse and generally be Obnoxious, read the disclaimer




This site would not have been quite as interesting without the help of the following people: Harmen Posthuma, Stefan son of Harmen, Alex Crouzen, Gerrit Herman (Herman) Plantinga (great-grandson of Klaas Pieter Plantinga), Bastiaan Plantinga (son of the aforementioned Herman), Mr van Zee (Sonnema), Gelkje Schotanus (Sonnema), Mrs Kort (UTO), Rinus van de Klooster (UTO), Riel Hettinga (Boomsma), Dez Feth (Herman Jansen), Harm van der Veer, Sidney Zeegers (Stiching Bolswards Historie), Henk Jan Streekstra (Boomsma), Peter Mulder (collector of Everything Bolsward), Klaas Zijlstra (Plantinga), Tom Klein Hazebroek (De Oude Vesting), A.P. van der Feer, Klaasje Boermans, Edwin Kemner (drankminiaturen.nl), Tonnie Siemonsma, Ailko Faber, Dirk Sellis and Johan van der Weide (Boalsert KP Beerenburg).


Mail me

You can email the author of these pages, Richard Karsmakers.
I am always looking for literally just about anything (old factory/family pictures, logos, ad material, promo material, old bottle labels, etc. etc.) that has to do with Plantiac, the old Plantinga family, the Plantinga distillery, or even the streets (especially Dijkstraat, Grootzand, 't Laag) where Plantinga had locations. If you do not want to part with it, I will be quite content with photos or scans.


















This site is not sponsored by Plantinga, Sonnema, Herman Jansen, UTO, Boomsma or anyone else associated previously or currently with Plantiac, Plantinga Cognac or Plantinga Beerenburg. Like any other fan page, it is not a commercial site. The logos were used without specific permission of anyone involved in the marketing, distribution or production of Plantiac. If you are an attorney paid by aforemeant noble people and they disapprove of this site, please contact me and it will be canned.

Needless to say, this site wasn't put up to encourage people to consume alcohol irresponsibly. If you imbibe anything, keep a measure (Dutch: "Geniet, maar drink met mate").








































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